Party President


Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, a typical family man, served as a Cabinet Minister and Republican Vice President and has acted as President of Zambia on occasions when the President was out of the country. He is basically a former career soldier recruited by the new Government just before independence. He undertook his military training at a number of institutions in the UK (Mons, Hythe, Warminster), and a junior staff programme in Canada.  He has massive experience and international exposure. He is a Christian, often describing himself as a Christian Soldier. He has a checkered career journey of ups and downs: after Dr Kaunda removed him from office, and was blacklisted for many years, he humbled himself by driving a taxi cab! While in the service of Dr Chiluba, he was demoted from Vice President to Minister of Education. Surprisingly he continued serving without any complaint. Some say that his best tour of duty was when he was Minister of Education, where he laid the foundation for the present educational programmes being undertaken by the Rupiah Banda regime, though they are not acknowledging this fact!

He is consistently consistent, an avid sportsman still jogging, cycling and playing squash. He writes ferociously but has not yet published any book – a book is in the offing!


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